Campus And Facilities:--
The building consisting of existing teacher education course of the following infrastructure in the approved plan as per provisions of NCTE Regulation, 2009.

  1. Instruction carpet area :667 Sqm
  2. Administrative carpet area :250 Sqm
  3. Other area : 1540 Sqm
  4. Total builtup area : 2457 Sqm
  5. Class room/Multipurpose room/ Seminer room: 1519 Sqft
  6. Principal's room: 108.5 Sqft
  7. Office room : 347.2 Sqft
  8. Staff room :120 Sqft
  9. Science & Mathematics Resource Centre/Lab : 325.5 Sqft
  10. Psychology Resource Centre/Lab : 352 Sqft
  11. Library cum Reading room :529 Sqft
  12. ICT Resource Centre :220 Sqft
  13. Art and Cruft Resource Centre :264 Sqft
  1. Health & Physical Edn. Resource Centre :352 Sqft
  2. Visitors room :353 Sqft
  3. Administrative Office: 396 Sqft
  4. Visitors Room: 353 Sqft
  5. Girls Common Room: 352 Sqft
  6. Seminar Room: 861 Sqft
  7. Canteen : Nil
  8. Separate Toilet facility for boys and girls : 86.8 Sqft
  9. Parking Space : 1515 Sqft
  10. Store Room : 308 Sqft
  11. Multi purpose play field : 9500 Sqft
  12. E. T. Lab : 176 Sqft
  13. Total Builtup area in the Buildin: 7616.7 Sqft
There are two Hostels for Boys & Girls Separately and Staff residential quarter in the institutions. (II) The details of the above infrastructure are same as in the building plan approved by PWD. Govt. of Assam on 04/03/2012 and indicating total area 23 B-02 K-02 L and build up area 2457 Sqm..The building plan has been approved by the competent authority. The hostel facilities for Girls & Boys provided by the institution along with the Staff Residential quarter are included in the area of the institution. These facilities are both separate & adjacent manner. (III) The building Completion certificate issued by PWD, Govt. of Assam, countersigned by Principal, BTC Dalgaon for Dag No. 132 reflecting total land area 23 B-02 K-02 L . Total builtup area 2457 Sqm. The building is complete in form of permanent structure. There is a permanent structure with asbestos & Tin roofing. (IV) The institution undertake that the building of the institution has been constructed in view the provision and by-laws of the building construction as per the Bureau of Indian 5 standards and same is fully safe and structurally sound having lode bearing capacity as per ;attest Indian building standards and the same is safe and secure to run the teacher traing course. (V) The safeguard against fire hazard has been provided in all parts of the building. (VI) Electicity and drinking water facilities has been provided by the institution. (VII) The institutional campus,building, furniture is barrier free. Further the institution campus, building furniture is disabled friendly as per the persons with disability ( PWD) and of the Govt. of India.


  1. Hostel:-
  2. Dalgaon Basic Training Centre contains mainly two hostels. One is for male teacher-trainee and the other is for female teacher-trainee. The intact capacity of two hostels are (100) seventy only.
  3. Quarter :-
  4. Basically, at Dalgaon BTC we have four quarters available for faculty and two quarters for staff. Educational Devices :- Some technical educational devices such as two computers, Radio, Tape recorder, T.V are available at Dalgaon BTC.
  5. Library:-
  6. Well equipped library is available at Dalgaon BTC. Near about two thousand five hundred books are present in the library. Four kinds of books like English, Assamese, Hindi & Bengali are found in the library. Collections of poetry, short-stories, novels, critical books, encyclopedia, dictionary, journals and magazines are available as well.
  7. Laboratory :-
  8. Dalgaon BTC has essential science laboratory for primary teacher Education curriculum. Besides this lab there are also language lab, Maths lab, psychology lab etc.Among with that competency based teaching learning materials are also available in thelaboratory.
  9. Miscellaneous :- Along with the other facilities there is present in BTC Dalgaon. Special attraction of the Campus is the children park (Omalaban) made jointly by BTC and social forestry Deptt. Assam.
    • One playground
    • One Prayer Hall
    • One Dining Hall
    • One Kitchen
    • One Seminar Cum Class Hall