Basic Training Centre, Dalgaon is one of the finest centers of training institutes, catering to the needs of Lower Primary School teachers of every nook and corners of Assam. Situated by at Dalgaon of Darrang district of Assam , it captures the changing trends of teacher education in words and spirits prevalent in Assam.


    The RTE Act. 2009 emphasizes the role of teachers in child education, which stresses the need of teacher education as well. Destiny of India is being shaped in classroom, which is controlled by teachers. Therefore, Teachers Education is the most important component of any educational system. To cope with the changes and challenges of the present society, it is inevitable to introspect and circumspect the curriculum and nature of teacher education every now and then.

    The objectives of teacher education are:

    1. To empower the teacher-learner to deal with teaching-learning situation in an effective manner.
    2. To get acquainted with emerging issues in education.
    3. To develop realization regarding needs of social cohesion, national integration, international understanding, and protection of human rights.
    4. To develop sharper edges of competencies and skills needed to deal classroom transaction.
    5. To understand one’s accountabilities in teaching learning processes.
    6. To acquaint the teacher-learner with various theories and practices in education.
    7. To enable the teacher-learner to realize the needs of life-skill education.
    8. To develop in them managerial and organizational skill.

    About BTC

    On the strength of Basic Education Scheme propounded by Mahatma Gandhi, the Basic Education Advisory Committee was formed in 1946.


    In consonance with the present day primary education in Assam, the primary teachers have been equipped with intuition along with skills for their professional expertise, which is the sole aim of Basic Training Centers in the state.


    To impart quality education to the modern day primary teachers with sophisticated aspects of pedagogy in the sphere of educational technology, research and training in the days to come.


  1. Hostel:-
  2. Dalgaon Basic Training Centre contains mainly two hostels. One is for male teacher-trainee and the other is for female teacher-trainee. The intact capacity of two hostels are (100) seventy only.
  3. Quarter :-
  4. Basically, at Dalgaon BTC we have four quarters available for faculty and two quarters for staff. Educational Devices :- Some technical educational devices such as two computers, Radio, Tape recorder, T.V are available at Dalgaon BTC.
  5. Library:-
  6. Well equipped library is available at Dalgaon BTC. Near about two thousand five hundred books are present in the library. Four kinds of books like English, Assamese, Hindi & Bengali are found in the library. Collections of poetry, short-stories, novels, critical books, encyclopedia, dictionary, journals and magazines are available as well.
  7. Laboratory :-
  8. Dalgaon BTC has essential science laboratory for primary teacher Education curriculum. Besides this lab there are also language lab, Maths lab, psychology lab etc.Among with that competency based teaching learning materials are also available in thelaboratory.
  9. Miscellaneous :- Along with the other facilities there is present in BTC Dalgaon. Special attraction of the Campus is the children park (Omalaban) made jointly by BTC and social forestry Deptt. Assam.
    • One playground
    • One Prayer Hall
    • One Dining Hall
    • One Kitchen
    • One Seminar Cum Class Hall


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